Tenant Lawyer

You receipt a notification of rent increase?
The flat you are living in is not OK?
Your former landlord refuses to pay you back your rent deposit?
You rented out your flat and now you want to live there by yourself?

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I’m experienced on the field of tenancy law. I represent many tenants but also responsible and fair landlords.

The following points mark the reach of my activity in tenancy law:

  • I check your rental contract article by article whether it is valid or not. Every tenancy contract I have seen was including not valid articles.
  • Rent deposit, guarantee letter, prepayment agreements.
  • Cancellation, cancellation notice period, cancellation without notice, written warning, right of repossession.
  • Notice of defects, rent reduction, lawsuit in order to enforce repairs.
  • Subtenancy.
  • Fixed-term contracts.
  • Mold, noise, vacation rental (next door), no hot water, heater is not working (I want it fixed / I want a rent reduction).
  • Antennas, having animals (Am I allowed?).
  • Cosmetic repairs, post tenancy renovation (Do I have to? Who pays?)
  • Notification of rent increase, lawsuit pro or against rent increase.
  • Business rental contract, lease contract.