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  • You have the right to remain silent and should use it.
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  • Your public defender may be able to prevent you being taken into custody.
  • Your lawyer could put a stop to criminal proceedings.
  • If a crime has been committed against you, you should file a demand for prosecution as quickly as possible.

Most importantly: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT AND SHOULD USE IT. Giving a statement to the police will not help you and will only make matters worse. If you contact me, I will examine your case file and verify if there is any evidence against you.

  • Have you received a court summons, an indictment or any letter of this kind, whether from the police, customs or court, alleging that you have committed a crime?
  • Has your business, office or home been searched by the police?
  • Have you been arrested?
  • Do you have questions or need expert advice in criminal law?

Certified Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law

Due to my special knowledge and experience in the field of criminal defense, I was awarded the official title of “Specialist Lawyer for Criminal Law” in 2021. In addition to specialized further training, the title proves regular advanced training and a high number of cases handled in the specialist field of criminal law.

Contact me to employ me as your lawyer in Berlin or elsewhere in Germany!

As a defendant in a criminal investigation, you have rights that you should be aware of and be able to take into consideration. Instead of making a statement to the investigative authorities without a legal strategy, call me and talk through your response with a skilled defence lawyer. You should not face the judicial authorities alone, when you could have a specialist at your side.

Your attorney or defence lawyer has access to the files held against you by the police, the public prosecution department and the courts. Make use of this chance to see what evidence there is against you. Hire me and get access to these files!

Most importantly: as a defendant, you are not obliged to give a statement to the prosecuting authority. This is always the best course of action, even if you are told that in the criminal procedure remaining silent will not harm your defence. On the other hand, a testimony or confession is only possible and useful to you, once your defence lawyer has inspected your files, examined the body of evidence and determined the best course of action. Do not say anything to the police! Use your right to remain silent! 

If you have already given a statement to the police, you urgently need a defence lawyer. I can verify whether your statement is usable. Together we can check whether your statement is complete and optimal or if it needs to be improved. If your case comes to trial, the question will arise whether a statement is useful and if so, what kind of statement. Even if you have previously made a statement to the police, the right strategy for you always depends on the entire body of evidence. That is why you need an expert on your side.

Are you looking for a good criminal lawyer in Berlin?

Anyone accused of a crime needs expert help. I have been working for many years as an attorney and defence lawyer in Berlin and throughout Germany. I have taught criminal law at universities and worked for other notable defence lawyers over the years. I also have a PhD in criminal law (magna cum laude). Contact me and get me to represent you, to make use of my specialist knowledge in criminal law. Take advantage of my sound knowledge of the various phases of criminal proceedings and allow me to apply my clear understanding of your rights as a defendant. By considering your case file carefully and evaluating the body of evidence, I will help you to build a strategy for your defence. In the best case, we will try to stop proceedings or win an acquittal. As a criminal lawyer, I will get you the best possible results. The earlier you get in touch with me, the better I can represent (and defend) you.

Appointing a lawyer, necessary defence, public defence

If you cannot afford a lawyer, you will probably be assigned a public defender. You are entitled to choose your own public defender: in this case, call me immediately! Before the court chooses a representative for you, you should pick your own! Call me as soon as possible, so I can represent your interests as a public defender.

Joint action, victim representation, legal aid

I also offer my services as a legal adviser and will happily represent victims in joint actions. In many cases, the victims of serious crime and/or any surviving dependants are entitled to become joint plaintiffs. You would then be represented by a lawyer who defends your interests during the trial. I represent victims as well as joint plaintiffs. The state should cover the majority of legal costs in these cases.

My areas of expertise as a defence lawyer in Berlin:

  • General criminal law e.g. homicide, robbery, fraud, theft, bodily harm, embezzlement, damage to property.
  • Controlled substances law e.g. the possession, dealing or production of drugs.
  • Sexual offences law e.g. rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, procurement, the dissemination, purchase or possession of pornography.
  • Juvenile criminal law, criminal proceedings and legal protection involving minors.
  • Law involving arrest, custody and imprisonment e.g. detention while awaiting trial, provisional arrest.
  • Computer and internet criminal law e.g. cease-and-desist orders, infringement of copyright, filesharing.
  • Document fraud e.g. falsification of documents, falsifying technical recordings.
  • Criminal traffic law e.g. driving without a licence, drink driving (DUI), hit and run, driving ban, fines.
  • Defence in the case of extradition.
  • Defence in criminal proceedings without trial.
  • Commercial criminal law, criminal tax law e.g. bankruptcy, tax evasion, bribery, preferential treatment, money laundry.
  • Violation of gun laws.
  • Joint actions, audit, witness counselling