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Criminal, Migration, Tenant Lawyer in Berlin. +49 177 464 8220

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Immigration Lawyer Berlin

My Main Focus of Activity is Migration Law.

I handle the whole application process for you including the communication with the immigration office (Ausländerbehörde). I come along to your appointments at the immigration office where I represent you and translate for you (English-German).

Apply for visa in Berlin

  • Student visa (University, language school).
  • Working visa (if you are employed).
  • Short term business visa (multi entry).
  • Business visa and freelance visa (And uniquely in Berlin: Artist visa, visa for language teacher).
  • Residence permit for children and partners (Ehegattennachzug, Familiennachzug).
  • Residence permit for parents and other relatives.
  • Eviction, deportation, term of departure.
  • Preliminary visa (Fiktionsbescheinigung), exceptional leave to remain.
  • Entry, visa application process.
  • Permanent residence permit (Niederlassungserlaubnis).
  • EU Blue Card.
  • Mobility of EU citizens and relatives.
  • Citizenship law, naturalization, displaced person.

Dr. Jonathan Burmeister – Immigration Lawyer
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